Celebrity Barber Reveals Men's Grooming Must-Haves

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He's the man behind "The Situation's" high fade that took over our televisions on what might be the most guilty pleasure of all–MTV's Jersey Shore. Celebrity barber, Richie Munoz (@Richie_Fresh85), may have made a name for himself keeping the guys on Jersey Shore looking fresh, but working alongside the GTL-loving crew isn’t all he has to offer. For over a decade, Munoz has been giving precision cuts and lives by the motto, “You can’t rush perfection.” 

Courtesy of Instagram @richie_fresh85

Old-school barbering is truly an art that not only requires the right education and skill set, but the right products to do it well. Here, Munoz shares his top four men’s grooming must-haves. 

  • A styling product that also conditions. Facial hair does not produce natural oils like the scalp does, leaving your face dry and exposed to all-weather elements. This causes facial hair to be coarse, brittle and dry. Using a conditioning product like PRORITUALS Dream Cream can combat this. Dream Cream is a powerful conditioner that will hydrate, condition and create a soft hold for the beard to keep fly aways down. Apply a quarter-size amount in the palm of your hand and mix together by rubbing both hands in a circular motion. Rub your hands through the facial hair multiple times and wipe any excess with a towel. Your client may rinse this product out of the beard any time of the day leaving the facial hair feeling silky smooth.
  • A treatment oil, such as PRORITUALS Hair Treatment Oil to add a true sheen look to the beard. This product contains five different plant oils that are great for the skin and lipids feed the hair follicle, making them healthier. Apply one to two pumps in the palm of the hand and mix together by rubbing your hands in a circular motion. Rub your hands through the facial hair multiple times and wipe any excess with a towel. This is a great way to keep the beard from being coarse and dry.  

  • Every barber needs a great wax. Wax holds down fly aways and those long hairs that do not want to cooperate. Simply run your finger through the product in a circular motion several times to get a dime-size amount and then rub the wax in between both finger tips and apply. Grab a comb and follow through, this should fix those unruly hairs.

  • A good brush is key to finishing a great style. "I love the Marilyn Brush New Yorker. It’s perfect for adding volume and style to any hair style. It’s made of 50 percent bore and 50 percent nylon quills and the soft, durable pneumatic pad eliminates static and gives that finished look. The design of this brush is made to fit in your pocket, giving you the ability to re-brush hair on command," Munoz says. 


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