Color How-To: Caramel Latte Band Blend

Photo courtesy of @matteo_edwardsandco

The phrase “good things come to those who wait” couldn’t ring truer when it comes to hair color. Before going lighter, senior colorist Matteo Minute (@matteo_edwardsandco) believes it’s better to start with a corrective appointment (if necessary) to even the canvas before blonding strands. True to this statement, this dreamy caramel latte color is the result of a much-needed triple-band correction. Not only does the color fix the client’s natural roots, old permanent tint in the mid-section and brassy ends with a color melt and balayage, but it’s also the perfect in-between shade for clients waiting to go lighter.

Get the Look: 

  1. Apply a full head of fine stretched foils using Goldwell Silk Lift + 30 Volume and Olaplex No.1.
  2. Process for 30 minutes without heat then apply Olaplex No.2 for 15 minutes.
  3. At the basin, tone with a color melt using 30g Redken Shades EQ 6N + 10g 6T at the roots melting into 10g of 9V+ 10g 9T+ 60g Clear.
  4. Process for 10 minutes and wash.

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