Color How-To: Glazed Gold and Caramel

Photo Courtesy of @seangodard

With the holiday season fast approaching, many clients are looking to elevate their color with classic and natural tones that include plenty of gloss. Combining colors of caramel, honey and bright golden yellow, this luminous look from Redken artist Sean Godard (@seangodard) is perfect for adding that lit-from-within sparkle to darker blondes. 

Get The Look

  1. Working in diagonal sections, apply Shades EQ 05GB + 10 VOL to zone 1 (the scalp). 
  2. For zone 2 (the mid-lengths), alternate between two formulas: Color Gels 10NG + 20 VOL and Flash Lift + 30 VOL + pH-Bonder.
  3. Finish by selecting pieces at random and applying City Beats Yellow Cab + Clear, 1:3 ratio.

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