Color How-To: Icy Golden Blonde

Photo courtesy of @guy_tang

In the words of Guy Tang (@guy_tang), “Hello to all the hair besties in the land!” Today, we’ve got all the details you need to recreate Tang’s most-wanted golden color, perfect for any clients who want a bright, cool-toned blonde. With over 51.5k likes on Instagram, it's bound to be a hit.

Get The Look: 

  1. Lift:  #mydentity #magnum8 Powder Lightener + 1/32oz Olaplex No.1 + #mydentity 20V Developer
  2. Roots: 1:2 ratio  #mydentity Demi-Permanent Hair Color 91G + #mydentity Demi-Permanent 6V Developer
  3. Midshaft + Ends: #mydentity Demi-Permanent Hair Color 50g 9IG + 50g Crystal Clear + 200g #mydentity Demi-Permanent 6V Developer.
  4. Process: 25 minutes.

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