Damien Carney's Multiplicity Collection Celebrates Individual Beauty

Here, Carney mixed messy, choppy layers with bold blonde shades tipped with orange.

Beauty trends crop up quickly—be it vivid shades or pixie cuts—and clients come clamoring for the hottest new concept. But Damien Carney, Schwarzkopf Professional North American Creative Director, decided to break the rules with his new Multiplicity collection, blending multiple trends in one look, creating a unique, personalized beauty. “There are trends for sure, but within a trend there are sub trends, making the concepts work for all types and lengths of hair,” says Carney. “I wanted to show a diversity of looks with cut, color and styling. There’s a mixture of short hair, long hair, colored hair, natural hair and wigs. It’s about creating a look and feel that enhances individual beauty, a non-conforming beauty.” 

Damien Carney

Fire and Ice
Having a model who implicitly trusts you can come in handy. “I’ve worked with this model, Minyoung Cheong, many times over the years,” says Carney. “I love the fact she’s up for trying anything.” Here, Carney blends the vibrant hair color trend with the chocolate brunette trend—mingling intense reds and violets with rich browns. Picking up on this contrast of cool and warm, the makeup artist set off Cheong’s eyes with a menagerie of icy blue and purple shadows. 

Pre-lighten with BLONDME Premium Lightener 9+ & Premium Developer 6%; Igora Royal 6-88 and 3% Igora Royal Developer; Igora Royal 4-99 and 3% Igora Royal Developer; Igora Royal 3-0 and 3% Igora Royal Developer.


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Clean and Classic
Believe it or not, this model—Coco, who also happens to be a makeup artist—walked into the shoot with long hair. “She trusted me to cut it all off,” says Carney. “I love the way the style highlights her strong, distinctive bone structure.” The cut beautifully melds the impeccable precision of popular barber styles, with the modern femininity of a pixie cut. 

Igora Royal 1-0 and 3% Igora Royal Developer.

Bold and Blonde 
For Cheong’s second look, Carney mixed messy, choppy layers with bold blonde shades tipped with orange. “To stay sharp, we have to stay current and always be ahead of the game,” says Carney. “If you don’t, you’ll simply get lost and left behind. No one will ever stop the wheel of fashion from changing and moving.” 

Damien Carney Multiplicity

Pre-lighten with BLONDME Premium Lightener 9+ and Premium Developer  6%; Opulence 9-57 and 3% Igora Royal Developer + color spiked  (add into/override the formulation with) Igora ColorWorx Orange; Perimeter and detail pieces, Igora Royal Fashion Lights  L-88 & L-77 and Igora Royal Developer 9%.

Photography and Hair: Damien Carney  
Hair Color: Rossa Jurenas 
Makeup: Roque Cozzette, Miyako Johnson  
Fashion Stylist: Nikko Kefalas 
Models: Minyoung Cheong, Coco
Styling Products: Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+