Dallas Couple Sings a New Song Inside Quirky Salon

(Songbird Society Salon)

JT Osgood and her husband Richard Hayler started their new venture together in a tight, subleased space with just three salon chairs. Eager to grow and smash the traditional salon model, the pair stumbled upon what they call the perfect birdhouse—a mid-century, modern stand alone in the Knox Henderson area of Dallas—and turned it into a laid back, welcoming salon called The Songbird Society, named after the Beatle's song Blackbird.

Inside, the couple filled the nondescript space with old desks and vintage outdoor furniture to give it a truly quirky feel—"think François Hardy meets Iggy Pop," Osgood says. "This is our seventh year, and we now have 21 birds in the nest," she adds. Shifting gears from the norm, the couple has been able to create a supportive environment where employees are able to further develop and nurture their creative imagination. In turn, they hope to create a relaxed and professional experience for the client. "Our guests feel that synergy and in turn feel comfortable being themselves. That ultimately helps us to bring out their beauty and personal style in a safe space," she says. 

Osgood credits the salon's success to its one-of-a-kind atmosphere and overall experience. "We encourage out of the box customer service and have a culture of kindness and creativity," she says. "We want our team to feel like they have a voice and are able to grow and expand their talents." From the outside looking in, it might seem like Osgood and Hayler have mastered every part of their journey thus far, but that's not to say there wasn't a period of trial and error. Her biggest advice to those looking to advance and fully explore their talents: "Be in the moment and have faith in the future," she says. "Stay nimble and push outward with an open mind in an ever changing world." And, above all else, surround yourself with good people. "That's the true recipe for success," she adds. 


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