December Cover: The Need for Speed

ANDIAMO Express Permanent Colour and a few new techniques from Aloxxi are the answer for active women who want to get in and out of the salon in a hurry so they can get on with their lives.

Photography: Dorit Thies
Hair: Marilyn Cole, Rocco and Peggy Wrigh

For most women, stealing an extra 30 minutes in a busy day to do something just for themselves, say, squeezing in a yoga class or a workout at the gym, is a luxury. So why would they want to waste time in the salon waiting for their hair color to process? ANDIAMO Express Permanent Colour lets clients color, blow and go in under an hour, offering beautiful, long-lasting results with complete gray coverage. Now that’s beating the competition to the punch.
Apply TONES 4V + CLEAR with 7-volume to all hair except an oval on the top. In the oval, shadow the base with TONES 4V + CLEAR with 7-volume, then vary placement of DIMENSIONS .26 with 30-volume thru mid-lengths and ends. 
Create depth in the crest line and nape with ANDIAMO 4N with 20-volume. Place a fan of foils using ANDIAMO 5XR with 30-volume in the right front perimeter to the top and follow with ANDIAMO 6N + 7G with 30-volume to all remaining hair.
The hair was flatironed smooth with Essential 7 Oil Dry Shine Mist and detailed with Molding Paste.
Place a zigzag pattern across the top of White LIGHTENER with 20-volume. Apply ANDIAMO 7K with 30-volume to all remaining hair. Then tone highlights with TONES 8K + 7G with 7-volume.
Apply Volumizing Whip and do a volume blow-dry, clipping each section to cool. Back-brush to create additional volume utilizing the Working Hairspray. Smooth with Styling Cream and finish detailing with Working Hairspray.


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