DREAMS Collection by Shelley Lane

Shelley Lane has presented the DREAMS collection.

"DREAMS" is a captivating collection that draws inspiration from the ethereal beauty of blossoms and clouds. This collection encapsulates the essence of dreams, seamlessly blending nature's delicate elements with the imagination. The collection features a harmonious balance between soft, flowing fabrics and structured designs, representing the resilience and transformative nature of dreams.

"The inspiration was based on my dreams," says Lane.

When we dream, we are transported to a world where anything is possible. We can be whoever we want to be, do whatever we want to do, and achieve whatever we want to achieve. Our dreams give us hope, motivation, and the courage to pursue our passions and live our best lives.

The color pink represents this same spirit of hope and possibility. It reminds us to dream big, to stay optimistic, and to believe that anything is possible. It encourages us to embrace our femininity, to express our love and compassion, and to pursue our deepest desires with grace and determination. The next time you see the color pink, remember that it's not just a pretty color — it's a symbol of hope, passion, courage & strength.

“So, combine all these beautiful qualities together and there you have it my new collection DREAMS,” Lane concluded.


Hair: Shelley Lane (@shelleylane_inspires, @shelleylanesalon)

Hair Assistants: Joanna Davies (@joanna_louise_davies); Lottie Lehan (@lottiemilkshakeeducator); Ciara Mcnamee (@cc.hairandeducation)

Photography: Dan Thomas (@danthomasphotography)

MUA: Jessica Owens (@J_v_makeupartistry)

Styling: Shelley Lane (@shelleylane_inspires)

Models: Ryo love (@ryolove), Olivia Harriet (@oliviaaharriet), Saida Mickeviciute (@saich0tic), Astrid sihotang flint (@astrid_flint), Holly bickerton (@hollybiko); Natalia kempka (@kempiii90); Aistė (@aistute.ramenauskaite_)

Products: Milk Shake Hair Products (@milkshakehairuk, @milkshakehairofficial)

Video: Dan Thomas (@danthomasphotography)