Exclusive: Halle Berry's Oscars Look

image via @castillo_13

Castillo Bataille (@castillo_13) takes us behind the scenes of Halle Berry's Oscars Look using MOP products.

What was the style you created for Halle Berry? What products did you use and why?

Asymmetrical Curly Afro


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How did you come up with the look?

I definitely wanted to play with her natural texture. She has a free spirit about her that I wanted to incorporate into her hair style.

What are some of your favorite red carpet hair hacks?

  • Do a hair trial before the day-of
  • Step back and look at your work from every angle
  • Make sure hair looks polished and finished
  • ALWAYS leave a can of hairspray with your client

What was it like working with Halley Berry?

Heaven. She’s amazing and has the best energy she’s an amazing person with such a great soul. 

Why do you do what you do?

I love seeing women happy and making them feel beautiful and confident.