Fashion Staple: Playful Ponytail's

Pony tails are such a staple during fashion week that they might as well be galloping down the runway. At Jill Stuart S/S 2016, James Pecis for Oribe created a long and natural, yet full low ponytail, reasoning that “high ponytails are sportier, and low ponytails are cooler—like the Jill Stuart girl.” Meanwhile at Oscar de la Renta, Redken Global Creative Director Guido created a very short part to give a little bit of height in the back, creating a softer silhouette. Then he tied a piece of ribbon with one loop to his low pony to add a touch of femininity and romance. Says Guido, “It’s these small details and nuances that make a simple hairdo new and modern.” Celebrity hairstylist Mary Brunetti and Australia’s Craig Rhodes offer a couple of other options for riding that pony all the way to the finish line.

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