Fashion Week How-to: Wakanda Braids


Welcome to Wakanda! Marvel’s Black Panther has officially hit theaters, and in anticipation of the film, seven designers presented a NYFW show inspired by the superhero flick. Rodney Cutler, Redken brand ambassador, fashioned a series of hairstyles that made models look like they stepped straight out of Wakanda.

“We wanted the elements of the movie to be represented, and braids were very present in the movie, so I collaborated with two of the designers to incorporate braids into the final looks,” he says. “What’s nice this season is the individuality—girls are cutting their hair and they have their own aesthetic. They’re cast for that reason, and sometimes you get designers who are like, OK, make them all look the same. But now is a cool time where we’re celebrating healthy hair and individuality.”

Rodney’s Marvel Moment


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SUPERHERO NAME: “On the run.”

SUPERPOWER: “To be able to run forever!”

Get the Looks


1. Center-part hair using your fingers, then apply a combination of Redken All Soft Mega Hydramelt and Glow Dry Style Enhancing Blow-Dry Hair Oil throughout lengths and ends to add moisture and shine.

2. Blow-dry your hair to smooth it down. Once cooled, flat-iron hair to get a sleek look.

3. On either side of your center part, use a comb to section out 1/5 of hair on both sides and begin to braid these sections starting at the crown to the back middle of your head. Secure with a bobby pin.

4. On both sides of the crown, create an extremely fine 1/5-inch scalp braid, moving down the hairline towards the ears until you run out of hair. Secure each thin braid underneath the ear with elastics.

5. Section off the top 1/3 of hair and clip it up. Pull remaining lengths into a low-sitting ponytail.

6. Take the remaining 1/3 of hair and smooth it back into a second ponytail on top of the first, securing all together with a hair elastic

7. Flat-iron lengths several times to get a smooth, shiny effect, and finish with a heavy coat of Fashion Work 12 Hairspray for hold.



1. Apply a combination of All Soft Mega Hydramelt and Glow Dry Style Enhancing Blow-Dry Hair Oil throughout lengths and ends.

2. Blow-dry hair towards the back of the head in an upwards motion to get the ideal root direction for a high ponytail. Allow hair to cool.

3. Straighten hair using a flat-iron to get a sleek ponytail.

4. Apply a small amount of All Soft Mega Hydramelt and Glow Dry Style Enhancing Blow-Dry Hair Oil for added shine and control.

5. Pull hair back into a high ponytail and secure several times with an elastic.

6. Section off three equal sections of hair in the ponytail and create three braids about 4 inches long. Secure them all with an elastic.

7. Flatiron your remaining lengths one more time to help smooth and create a whip-like effect.