Classic Meets Edgy in Rich Boys Gone Rogue

Photography: Tony Le-Britton

Inspired by boys who have left their country roots in search of the bright lights of the city, Keera K. Sira created Rich Boys Gone Rogue, a collection that’s all about teaming classic cuts and sharp tailoring with edgy models and undone styling. Throughout the collection, a variety of techniques were key to Sira achieving the final looks. “It was all about using classical techniques with a modern twist,” she says. “I called on scissor-over-comb, diffuser drying for volume, clippering and fading, along with traditional cutting and styling techniques.”

Keera K. Sira used a scissor-over-comb technique to take in the sides, leaving the top section slightly longer. She used a diffuser to dry the top section and create texture before finishing the looks with a bit of Deconstructor. “This style is one of the most popular styles in the salon at the moment,” says Sira. 

Sira took the sides quite short, leaving the top fairly heavy so she could style it in a waved quiff. After separating the hair into a two-inch section at the hairline (the quiff section), she then dried the remainder of the hair from the front of the head to the crown, creating volume throughout. For the quiff section, she dried the hair to create a slight wave. “This technique is all in the wrist,” says Sira.


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For this statement-making look, Sira took the sides to a zero, layering the top section to create texture. “The layers give the effect of a choppy style,” says Sira, who dried the hair forward with a paddle brush and applied Sculpting Pomade to finish the look.

To create this popular UK street-style look, Sira ran mousse throughout the hair, then dried strands with a medium-barrel brush to encourage volume at the roots and amplify height. For the finishing touch, she used Sculpting Pomade to mold the shape into place.

Photography: Tony Le-Britton

Makeup: Roseanna Velin

Fashion Styling: Krishan Parmartoni