Behind the Scenes of July's Cover Shoot with Paul Mitchell

Lucie Doughty knows a thing or two when it comes to editorial shoots. The newly promoted John Paul Mitchell Systems Global Editorial and Digital Director has been creating hair looks and editorial campaigns for the company for more than a decade. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of prep work done prior. “We practiced a lot as we prepared for the shoot,” Doughty says. “It was a lot of trial and error when it came to determining the best way to adhere the flowers, and figuring out which flower patterns and color palettes worked best together.”

Doughty first mapped out the color scheme and patterns for the flowers on a plate, then brought in wardrobe to make sure it all meshed. “Our stylist Rafael Linares brought lots of options,” she says.“Everything was about creating layers and special, soft frills to really complement the flowers selected.” The makeup was kept fresh and natural, and lighting was soft and pretty, “like a flower,” Doughty says. 

As every experienced editorial stylist knows, no matter how much planning is involved, sometimes you have to scramble to get everything finished on time. This shoot was no different, but luckily everyone pitched in. “I love when it comes to crunch time and everyone’s willing to step outside of their roles to help the team out,” Doughty says. “It was a fun moment when the wardrobe stylist and makeup artists helped place the flowers so we could wrap just in the nick of time.” (And we’re lucky they did, since this last look ended up as our cover image!) 


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And the models? “They loved the concept as they had never seen anything like it before,” says Doughty. “They couldn’t stop taking selfies!”