Sebastian's What's Next Awards Winners Play with Shape and Structure


Collaborating with a group of like-minded artists in a supportive, creative environment not only elevates artistry—it has the potential to take it to an entirely new level. Such was the case at the American Salon photo shoot with Jonathan James, Keisha Mines and Rachel Alvord, the 2018 Sebastian Professional What’s Next Award winners. “The reality of winning surpassed anything I had imagined,” says Mines, who won the Professional category. “Crafting looks and getting published was the cherry on top of what has truly been a wonderful experience.” Using shape as inspiration, the trio got their geometrics on with a variety of fashion-forward looks, seen exclusively on these pages, with James strategically placing triangle angles in the hair, Mines focusing on square silhouettes and Alvord opting for rounder designs. “The challenge, the networking and the energy were awesome,” says Mines. “Being surrounded by creatives was a real high point for me.”  

After layering Mousse Forte, Volupt Spray and Texturizer onto strands and blow-drying, Jonathan James sprayed 1-inch square sections of hair with Shine Define Hairspray, braiding and then flat-ironing them to press in the braid. Next, he brushed out the braids to amplify texture before using Shine Define Hairspray, a flat-iron and a pleating technique to press in the waves. A misting of Re-Shaper Hairspray finished the voluminous look.

To create this glamorous shape, Keisha Mines prepped the hair with Sebastian Professional Twisted Curl Shampoo and Conditioner before applying Mousse Forte and Twisted Curl Lifter Foam to strands and drying them. She then used Shaper Hairspray and a 1-inch curling iron to create waves. After pulling back and pinning the sides, she backbrushed the lengths, coaxing strands into a square bob. 


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Rachel Alvord created this sexy shape by layering Mousse Forte, Texture Maker and Trilliant onto damp strands before blow-drying them, focusing on the roots for maximum volume. Next, she took 1-inch hair sections, lightly backbrushing them at the root and curling them with a 1-inch wand and Shine Define Hairspray. Alvord had the model flip her head upside down so she could brush out the set and mist the hair with Shaper Hairspray.

Mines created this statement-making look with volume and waves by applying Mousse Forte and Twisted Curl Lifter Foam to the hair before blow-drying it. She called on Shaper Hairspray and a 1-inch curling iron to create waves, then fashioned a square shape on top, securing the design with pins and Shaper Fierce Hairspray.

For this uncontrived look, James took diagonal sections and applied Molding Mud before knotting them. Twine and Re-Shaper Hairspray supplied the perfect finish.

Soft curls and intricate twists meld in one head of hair in this stunning style. Alvord fashioned a crescent shape at the hairline, lightly layering Shine Define, Shine Shaker and Shaper Plus, and then created five distressed knots.

Photographer: Albert Sanchez

Makeup: Eric Allen

Fashion Styling: Laura Duncan

Nails: Galdina Jimenez for opi