Goldwell Color Zoom 2016 Collection: D!srupt

The Goldwell Color Zoom 2016 collection, D!srupt, challenges you to shake up the status quo.

Dare to disrupt the shape, color and texture of hair to create something new with reinvented shapes, new coloring techniques and larger-than-life textures. In D!srupt, strong shapes mean organic fluidity, shiny materials meet matte and frizzy textures, and deep neutral backgrounds meet disruptive vibrant accents.

Disrupt the Shape
Edgy, sexy and raw, this distorted bob is perfectly framed by a soft halo of Vibrant Green and Yellow that floats around the exterior. “Disrupt the deep neutral background color, disrupt the shape,” says Lok Chan, Global Winner, Partner Category, 2014.
Disrupt the Color
Deep Neutral and Pearl are disrupted by a strong touch of Vibrant Pink and Blue. Intense color creates the illusion of movement, a trend that is reflected in the fashion: glossy materials that reflect movement and create new surface light effects with every pose.
Disrupt the Texture
The cut-out fringe perfectly frames the face, while the rest of the hair has volume and light texture. Hints of Vibrant Pink, Yellow, Orange-Red and Green disrupt the neutral background.