How Wigs and Extensions Can Help Your Bottom Line

Hair extensions and wigs are one of the fastest-growing categories in the beauty industry, and people of all ages are wigging out over them. Wigs and extensions have been available for many years for those undergoing certain medical treatments and clients suffering from hair loss, but the demand for them as a statement-making accessory has seen major growth in recent years. Available in a wide range of colors, cuts and styles, wigs and extensions offer clients a quick and easy way to change their look without commitment.

Danielle Keasling

“Wigs are a great tool to utilize in a consult with clients to open the door to new ideas,” says Danielle Keasling, executive artistic director at Great Lengths USA and owner of Salon Karma in Bluffton, SC. “Wigs are a way to create a discussion and also create a visual for the client to be realistic about what they could potentially do to change their hair.”

Clients dealing with hair loss can not only gain hair, but gain confidence with the use of wigs and extensions. They are also great for adventurous clients who want to experiment with creative colors, styles and special effects like marbleizing, as well as for more conservative clients who might enjoy the simple pop of color achieved with a pre-dyed extension. According to Keasling, it’s a good idea to designate an area in the salon to display all of the wigs that’s in the visual eye of the front desk staff and stylists, but not accessible to clients. “We want the opportunity to consult and suggest what will work and won’t work for each client,” says Keasling. “These purchases are usually an investment, and making sure it’s absolutely right for the client is what will prevent unnecessary returns. Also, it gives stylists the opportunity to communicate with the guest directly and suggest add-on services such as extensions if a wig isn’t the right prescription.” 

Salon owners wishing to introduce wigs and extensions to their business for the first time should start by encouraging stylists to experiment with these hair accessories during their downtime by testing out color techniques on individual extensions to create on-the-spot color upsells.

Stylists can also wear wigs in the salon to start the conversation with the clients, and post wigs and extensions styles on social media. It’s also helpful to give stylists incentives to receive money toward their own personal extensions with increased retail sales. “It’s a win for all parties involved,” says Keasling. “You’ll get more participation from your staff if they can earn free hair to show off.”