The Guide to Handtied Hair Extensions


By Cassandra Erickson (@BlondeByNoon)

Handtied hair extensions are absolutely everywhere right now. If you’re not offering this service, you might feel a bit in the dark, so I’m here to give you the deets on this hugely popular service.

What is Handtied? 


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Technically, handtied is a type of hair weft. Over the past few years, this word has been reimagined and used to describe a beaded row hair extension method. So, for this article, we will use it in that way.

How it works:

STEP 1. The Handtied Hair Extension Method is where you create a beaded row base with beads, braids and/or thread. Some methods have a combination of a few of those elements.

STEP 2. Weft hair is then placed directly on top of this, clipped on the base. Once the weft has been fitted for the row, the weft can be sewn on. Using a curved needle and thread, the hair is then sewed directly onto the beaded row and secured. Installs will typically last about 6 to 8 weeks, at which time the hair will need to be reinstalled. Depending on the hair brand and maintenance, hair can be reused approximately four times before needing to repurchase (or about 8-12 months of continuous wear).

Hair Weft Options:

HANDTIED WEFTS Six to 10 separate wefts per pack 
 Finer more delicate wefts 
 Lays very flat to the head 
 Can be layered with multiple wefts. Best for finer hair types 
 The left cannot be cut to fit, only folded. If weft base is cut, it can will unravel and create massive shedding.

MACHINE WEFTS One long weft 
 Weft can be cut to fit any head 
 Thicker base 
 Ideal for thicker stronger hair  Can be layered with multiple wefts

VOLUME WEFT Triple Weft thickness. With some work It can be broken down into a finer weft, similar to machine wefts Can be cut to fit any head 
 Best for Medium to thick hair clients 

Brands: There are lots of brands out there when it comes to weft hair extensions. Below are some brands that I have used.

BELLAMI Volume Weft Only Great color choices with beautiful rooted options Good quality (The #80 White Blonde is amazing)

BOHYME Machine and handtied Quality options available

JZSTYLES Machine and handtied Great quality Beautiful color options Bonus: Offer half packs

Want in on a little secret? I hear Hairtalk is announcing some exciting news soon! Keep your eyes open for that, their hair is amazing!

So now you are stocked with all the information on handtied hair extensions and where to buy them, you can decide if adding the service to your menu is right for you business and also check to see if there are any certifications near you.