Guido's Top Trends for 2016

Redken Global Creative Director, Guido, highlights the hottest hair looks shown on the runway.

Prada had this idea of ‘conservative eccentricity.’ It feels a bit ‘20s, but a bit ‘70s when women often had very tough, extreme looks, which makes a strong statement on the runway. First, I cut each of the girls’ bangs to frame her face, giving each girl her own style. I cut aggressive bangs on only five or six of the girls—and it works because part of being a Prada girl is embracing the moment.
I simply pulled the hair back into a loose, low ponytail that’s sort-of falling out. Then I tucked the hair behind the ears for a sense of ease and effortlessness.
There really isn't one singular idea of beauty anymore—which is great and liberating. It’s all about bringing out your personality and adding little nuances here and there that make a look feel more special and unique. At Alexander Wang, Alex very much wanted to emphasize the realness—almost like the girls just walked off the street onto the runway in their own clothes. Each girl was really being left as she is.
The hair at Loewe is very individual—it’s all about the girls’ personalities. Some have their hair back, some have it down and natural.
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The look at Dolce & Gabbana this season is soft and romantic. It’s very easy, almost like you were an American on holiday in Italy and you just threw your hair up for the evening. I finished the look by placing different types of crowns, scarves and beautiful hairpieces throughout the hair to enhance the charm.
Hair Accessories
The Alberta Ferretti woman is always beautiful and feminine, and this look is exactly that. It’s a late ‘70s or early ‘80s feeling with the soft hairlines and a bit of height at the top, but overall it’s very simple. I accentuated the hair with gold thread so it’s almost like a bit of jewelry in the hair. I like that we can put a little something in our hair, even something as small as a piece of thread, to make a simple style look special.


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