Hairbrained Quick-Tips: Keeping Fashion Colors Vibrant

Though celebrity stylist Guy Tang may have played an enormous role in initiating the fashion color trend, most colorists will tell you that vibrant colors are here to stay. And while the trend shifts from one shade to the next, most vivid hues have one thing in common: They boast intensely saturated tones.

But keeping those on-trend tones rich in between appointments can be daunting, and clients can face a steep learning curve when it comes to locking down the perfect, at-home hair care. Here are some simple tips for maintaining the vitality of jewel-colored strands, and keep your clients feeling fresh and looking gorgeous for up to six weeks.

Tip 1: After getting hair colored, tell your client to wait at least three days before shampooing. This allows the color to penetrate and set into the hair, which prevents first-wash fadeout.


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Tip 2: When shampooing vivid colors, encourage clients to turn the water temperature down as low as is comfortable. Tepid or cold water helps close the cuticle, whereas warm water opens the cuticle allows the color to leach out.

Tip 3: Advise your client to limit their shampooing. Two to three times a week should be the maximum. In between shampoos, encourage the use of a dry shampoo, which can help to absorb oils without washing away costly color.

Tip 4: Though you might realize the importance of a color-safe shampoo, your client may not. Be sure to stress the necessity of high-quality products—shampoo and conditioner, plus a thermal and UV protecting spray. These products maintain the integrity of vivid colors.

Tip 5: Send your client home with a custom-blended conditioner. Adding a dash of nitro or direct dye color to your client’s at-home rinse can instantly refresh their hue.

Tip 6: When wearing fashion-colors, strands can become dehydrated and lackluster. Encourage client’s to engage in proper preventative care by investing in a weekly at-home mask or a monthly in-salon deep-conditioning treatment.

Cut by Adam Federico of Federico Advanced

Color by Caitlin Senna of AJF Salon   

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