Highlights of Oscar Blandi’s Presentation at the 2015 Intercoiffure Fall Atelier

Oscar Blandi’s presentation at the 2015 Intercoiffure Fall Atelier highlighted his mastery of hair and his love of fashion.

Feeling Blue
"When I saw this model—with her dark hair and perfect skin—I knew I wanted really big curls,” says Blandi. “The effect needed to be round with beautiful, bubbling, proportional layers.” To achieve the soft, blue-tinted curls, Blandi asked colorist Erika Wightman to place the blue hue through the hair—instead of just on top. Then he used the smallest possible curling iron to form “millions of curls all over the place.”
Best Tressed
"The dress for this model was big, dramatic and full of sequins,” says Blandi. “So the model’s hair needed to be something classic that spoke for itself.” To that end, he created this striking updo, a combination of a geisha-like bun and braids on each side of the head and at the crown.


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