Holiday Waves and Low Pony How-tos from Jason Lee

With the holiday season almost in full swing, holiday get-togethers are around the corner! Get your hair holiday party ready with pro tips, tricks and styles from Jason Lee, hairstylist, colorist and founder of Mela & Kera.

Half-Up Holiday Waves

One of my favorite looks for the holidays is always a good half-up pony with large, crimped waves. I always suggest starting a good ponytail by styling the hair first,” says Jason Lee

Examples: Hailey Bieber, Khloe Kardashian (top photo)

Get the Look:

1. Spray the Mela & Kera Wave Foundation Spray ($32) on clean, wet hair for texture, heat protection, and wave memory.

2. Once evenly sprayed throughout hair, rough dry hair with a blow dryer. 

3. Using a large crimping iron, go section by section waving the hair.

4. Secure a half ponytail high up on the head with an elastic band. 

5. Finish the look with Mela & Kera Smooth Ends ($36), working through loose hair to tame fly-aways and polish the look.

Smooth and Sleek Low Pony

smooth and sleek low pony

Another great way to dress up a look for the holidays is with a smooth, soft, low pony. Low ponytails are chic and modern and can be really dressed up with any type of festive accessory. – Jason Lee

Examples: Ariana Grande, Shay Mitchell

Get the Look:

1. Wash hair with Mela & Kera Touche Velours Shampoo ($36) and Conditioner ($38).

2. On towel dried hair, apply Mela & Kera Exquisite Blowout Crème ($36) for frizz control and heat protection.

3. Blow dry hair with a boar bristle round brush for added smoothness and shine and then take a 1” curling iron to create soft waves.

4. Once the waves are complete, take the Mela & Kera Le Brush 01 ($32) and brush out waves, to create a softer look. 

5. Pull hair back into a low pony and add a sparkly headband of your choice.