Holiday Styles for Different Hair Lengths

Just in time for the holidays, Aquage haircare master artist, Shelly Devlin (@shellydevlin), demonstrates three dramatic and simple four-step styles that are suitable for different lengths and types. Creating a total of five salon-friendly holiday looks, Devlin also showcases two ideas for layered and shaved hair.

Get the Look: 

Look 1: Braided Twist 

  1. Prep by blowdrying Aquage Uplifting Foam into the hair. Brush and spray with Aquage Finishing Spray to smooth.
  2. Create a low and loose, two-strand fishtail braid. Secure with a clear elastic six-inches from the bottom and blouse. Use the extra length at the bottom to help blouse the braid; shortening its length. 
  3. Twist the braid over to one side at base and then tuck it up into a low bun. Secure with pins. 
  4. Finish by perfecting the styles shape and balance by blousing the style and setting with Aquage Beyond Shine

Look 2: Breakfast at Tiffany’s-esque Bun 

  1. Prep with Aquage Working Spray and curl large sections with the BaByliss PRO MiraCurl and BaByliss PRO Prima3000 iron. 
  2. Separate a section at the front of the head between the brows and clip back. Create a smooth ponytail at the crown using Aquage Finishing Spray and a Aquage Smooth Paddle Brush. Secure with a DIY hair bungee (attaching two pins to a rubber band).
  3. Backcomb the ponytail lengths and smooth them back into a bun.
  4. Release the front section and spritz with Aquage Finishing Spray. Divide into three diagonal sections, and starting from the middle section, twist backwards. Gently pull out the twist to create volume and pin near the base of the bun. Repeat with at front, and then the back. Finish with Aquage Beyond Shine.

Look 3: Perfectly Voluminous Chignon

  1. Prep by blowdrying Aquage Uplifting Foam into hair. Brush and spray with Aquage Finishing Spray to smooth.
  2. Create a low sleek ponytail with a DIY hair bungee, as close to the nape as possible. 
  3. Backcomb the ponytail lengths, combining and connecting each section as you work to create one mesh form.
  4. Smooth with a brush and then using a doubled-up DIY bungee (using two rubber bands), bring the elastic up underneath the hair, and pin at each side of the head to create the top of the chignon. Smooth the hair hanging over the elastic to perfect the rounded shape and secure the lengths underneath with pins.

To add a twist: Create asymmetry with the chignon's shape by gently pressing a can up into one side of the bun.