How To Blow-Dry Bangs With Volume

(Blowdyring Bangs with Volume)

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a stylist just starting out in the business, there’s one thing everyone can agree on: blow-drying bangs with volume is challenging. In this video, Matt Beck (@freesaloneducation) shares his tried-and-true products, tools and techniques to give you the best volume every single time. 

Tip 1: Use styling foam and make sure it’s distributed evenly. One of the biggest mistakes a stylist can make is to apply product with their hands and then forget to brush it through the hair. You want to make sure the product touches every piece of hair. 

Tip 2: Bigger brush doesn’t mean bigger volume. Sure, a bigger brush can give you smoother and larger polished sections, but it doesn’t guarantee volume. 


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