How-To Video: Boho Flat Waves

Looking to up your flat wave game? Whether you’re struggling to create perfect waves or want a faster technique, Redken Certified Colorist and Hot Tools Artistic Team member Stephanie Hodges (@stephhstyles) has the answer. Watch as she demonstrates her “tapping” method, and transforms her client into a boho goddess with a braided crown.

Get the Look:  

  1. Prep with Kenra Heat Block 22 and comb through. 
  2. Take two-inch section, and using the Hot Tools Black Gold Digital Flat Iron, clamp down at the root and gently pull the hair to one side to create your first c-shape. Continue by gently tapping the iron open and closed while pushing the rest of the hair from the bottom through. As you push the hair up, create the curved waved shape by directing the length left to right before being fed through the clamp. 
  3. Continue all over the head and curl the ends with hair curler.
  4. To create the crown braid, take a face-framing piece from the side and braid half way down the length in a waterfall fishtail. Continue the rest of the length with a regular fishtail braid, secure with an elastic and blouse. Repeat on the other side. 
  5. Finish by crossing one braid over in the back and tucking the ends underneath before securing with bobby pins. Cross the other braid over and tuck the end into a weft of the first braid for a seamless look.