How To Cut A Mullet Shag

Written by Gilad Goldstein (@myguiltycrown)

Choosing the right cut can make or break a guest experience, especially when working with more edgy clients. With shags and mullets making a comeback, I discovered that the perfect cut with a balance of edgy and commercial spirit is the mullet shag. Shaggy texture paired with the mullet silhouette creates the perfect shape and suits any client. If you're looking for the next trendy cut to offer your clients, then check out some of these hot tips to create the mullet shag.

PINCH CUTTING While this technique may look like slide cutting, the motion is actually a slight half-close of the shear on a section working down from the mid-shaft to the ends. This technique creates movement and a short-to-long layer silhouette which leaves volume of hair at the length. Try using this technique to shatter the blunt ends of a haircut, or to create soft face framing in the front.

PAIR IT WITH COLOR We found that this cut looks the most edgy when paired with a fashion color. We chose peach and pink tones for our demo model because it gives the perfect fall vibe while still looking cool. Try to use two or three colors for dimension to create the most dramatic end result. If your client is a little more conservative, use two natural color like blonde and caramel to give them an interesting commercial look.

TAILOR THE BANGS TO YOUR CLIENT’S FACE Face shape is an important factor to take in to account when selecting the right haircut for your client. We’ve found that while curtain bangs and a center part are all the rage right now, there may be clients who look better with side bangs or even square bangs. Look at your client carefully and play with the hair to discover what type of bang or part will look best on them.

BE ARTISTIC Try different tools and different techniques. Play to your strengths, but also push to try something new. Your clients are going to be looking for what’s in and what’s hot, and using different tools and techniques keeps you interesting. Keep them excited by keeping yourself educated, and give your clients the guest experience they deserve!

Check out the how-to video we put together to see how we created a fun mullet shag on our model at The Salon at ULTA Beauty! It has lots of cutting techniques and styling tips to make sure you feel confident in offering this look to your clients!