How-To: Fix Botched Highlights

Photo courtesy of @freesaloneducation

While we would never wish a bad dye job on anyone, coming to a client’s rescue is the perfect way to prove just how valuable you are. To fix stripe-like and spotty highlights, educator Matt Beck (@freesaloneducation) demonstrates a base-correcting technique and color transformation that adds warm tones and darker color for natural and completely seamless results. 

Get the Look:

  1. Use 1oz Joico Free Play Clay Lightener + 2oz of Joico 20-Volume to brighten and blend the base. 
  2. Hand-paint over previous highlights around the back and sides, one-inch away from the root. Leave a gap in between the middle of the section for a shadow root effect.  
  3. For the fringe and face-framing sections, pull the section forwards while painting to concentrate on the top, and criss-cross each section as you work, pulling each to the opposite side for a seamless look when center parted. Process uncovered for 30 minutes, lifting to a level seven. 
  4. Apply Joico Lumishine Demi-permanent 4NWB with 5-Volume Lumishine  to roots by painting in four quadrants. Clip up the first section, and follow by painting down to the midshaft. 
  5. Follow by going through with Joico 5-Volume Lumishine and Lumishine Demi-permanent 6NWB at the ends. Make sure to heavily saturate each section, and continue throughout. 
  6. Process for 25 minutes then wash and style. 

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