How-To: Versatile High Fade

Give your clients this hot look for the holidays. (Courtesy of Wahl)

Have you met Whitney VerMeer? The salon owner and award-winning hairstylist has a killer social presence (seriously, check it out) and is working with Andis Company as its creative lead of global education. She shared this exclusive holiday how-to with American Salon, which is sure to keep your clients looking hot this winter. 

High Fade

Short, faded haircuts are trending this season and to stay stylish this holiday, VerMeer suggests a high fade, which is extra versatile. Check out VerMeer’s best tips and tricks for achieving this look below.


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  • The Tool: For this cut, VerMeer suggests using her go-to, the Andis Supra ZR II. This clipper provides the versatility and freedom needed to do fades because it’s cordless and uses detachable blades. 
    • Tool Tip: Detachable blades are crucial when doing fade work because they allow you to follow the bone structure. This helps create less work as it is glides across the skin, helping to aid in a seamless graduation for the fade. If you’re new to blades, Andis also has ceramic blades that stay cooler longer, so you don’t need to worry about your blade overheating.
  • The Technique: Start with a 2 blade and work up past the parietal ridge, taking care of the transition area. Then use a 1A to the parietal ridge, 1 up to the temple and 0A throughout the perimeter. Use a trimmer like the Slimline Pro Li to clean up any additional hairs. For the top of the haircut, use a clipper like the Andis Cordless T- Outliner over comb. 
  • The Finish: To add additional texture throughout the top, use a razor-over-comb technique. Finally, finish the look with a light pomade on top.

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