How-To: Fourth of July-Inspired Haircolor

(Guy Tang Fourth of July hair)

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, there's no better time to get festive with your clients' colors. Take note from Guy Tang who's sharing the formulas for a few of his red, white and blue creations.

Fiery Pink & Red Model: 

  • Created a money piece around the face with #Magnum8 Lightener. Balayaged the rest of her hair with #Stroke7 Balayage Lightener
  • Roots: SuperPower Crimson Spell + Blue Mystique
  • Mids-Ends: Crimson Spell on all areas but the front Panels
  • Front Panels: Magenta Magic
  • Hairbestie Tip: Rinse the Crimson Spell out and shampoo/condition first. Then Rinse Magenta Magic to avoid bleeding.

Dark Phoenix Fiery Red: (model without Pink Highlights)


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  • Balayage highlights to a level 9 with #Stroke7 + 40V Thicc Activator + Olaplex 
  • Kept the roots at a level 7. 
  • Glazed from roots to ends with SuperPower Crimson Spell Direct Dye. 

Naked Blonde: (Darker blonde of the two models) 

  • Backcomb technique using #BIG9 Cream Lightener to lift to a level 10
  • On Dry Hair apply the following 
    • Roots: Naked 10 + 6V Developer (1:2) 
    • Mids:: ½ Naked 10 + Crystal Clear + 6V Developer (1:2) 
    • Ends: ¼ Naked 10 + Crystal Clear + 6V Developer (1:2)

Icy White Blonde: 

  • Lifted model with #Magnum8 Lightener to a level 10
  • Roots & Nape: Demi-Permanent 9IG  + 6V Developer (1:2) 
  • Mids – Ends: Demi-Permanent 9IG + Crystal Clear + 6V Developer (1:2)

Pastel Icey Blue: (the mannequin model) 

  • Roots: 25g Dark Shadows + 25g Permanent 8 Dusty Lavender + 10V Developer (1:1) + Olaplex
  • Mids: 50g Permanent 10 Silver Pearl + 50g Aqua Blue Booster + 10V Developer (1:1)
  • Ends: Permanent 10 Silver Pearl + 10V Developer (1:1) 

Sapphire Blue:

  • Backcomb balayage until a level 7 with #Big9 Cream Lightener
  • Alternated sections with Super Power Purple Raven and Blue Mystique Direct Dye