How-To Video: The Gentlemen’s Cut

The gentlemen’s cut is a classic. When done correctly, it’s a perfectly balanced, smooth transition from long to short, disappearing into the nape. Today, master educator and barber, Jay Majors Raposo (@jay_majors) demonstrates the cut, as well as different clipper-cutting techniques and a beard clean up. Perfect for the client who doesn’t like to spend too much time on his hair, and wants to wash and go with just a little product. 

Get The Look: 

  1. Work down the head to create the cut. Start from the back using the BaBylissPRO Volare X2 Clipper with the #4 clipper guide guard and a flattop or clipper comb. With the taper control open, begin removing general weight off the back. When getting to the top, where hair is longer, use a C-scope formation by pulling away from the hair as you get to the end of each stroke. Continue to the sides. 
  2. Start refining and smoothing the cut by working on the mid section at the back of the head. Switch to a #3 clipper guide guard, and continue blending and removing weight, avoiding going too far into the parietal ridge. 
  3. For the section below, transition to a #2 clipper guide guard and continue trimming around the nape, blending into your last section. 
  4. For the very edge of the nape, using the BaBylissPRO Volare X2 Clipper, remove the guard and open the taper control all the way. Work in a C-scope formation, and go against the growth pattern. Follow by closing the taper control and switching to a #1 clipper guide guard to continue blending. 
  5. To taper the sides of the nape, create a line starting where the hair growth stops going downwards. Clean up around the ears using small sections. 
  6. For the side burns, use the #.5 clipper guide guard with the BaBylissPRO Volare X2 Clipper, and work up to the temple. Then switch to a #1 clipper guide guard, and use the corner of the blade to blend. 
  7. Create a guideline underneath the jaw. Trim underneath the line and finish by opening the guard and blending the moustache to match the cut.  
  8. To finish the cut, round out the longer hair at the top. Do the sides first and work on damp hair. Either pull the hair away at 90 degrees and cut with the BaBylissPRO Volare X2 Clipper with a flattop comb, or, use a scissor over comb technique with your shears and a flattop comb. 
  9. Clean up the beard edges with a straight razor and work Aquage Transforming Paste through the hair to style. 

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