How To Gently Remove Color for a Blank Canvas


As stylists, it's important to keep a client's canvas as healthy as possible while working to meet their goals, but, even big name colorists have experienced some uh oh moments.

Ash Fortis, (@xostylistxo) co-owner of Pulp Riot, joined us on our Facebook with a client whose hair she accidentally turned coral in the midst of a color process. "She had a really beautiful silver, but it was kind of muddy, so we wanted to remove that muddiness and bring the vibrancy back," Fortis says. "I was using a low-volume lightener at the time and her hair color went from silver to coral." 

That's where Pulp Riot's Blank Canvas comes in. As an alternative to lightener, the product works to remove color and bring your client's canvas back to its original state while also conditioning the hair. In today's how-to video, Fortis walks us through an application using Blank Canvas before giving her "uh oh client" a totally new color. 


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  • Based on personal preference, decide if you'd like to use 6-volume or 10-volume developer. 
  • For a more gentle approach and to avoid unpredictable results, opt for 6-volume. 
  • Scale out one part blank canvas to three parts developer. 
  • Section hair into quadrants. Start in the back and take small sections. Feather application throughout. 
  • Work quickly and check lift every five minutes. The product can be left on for up to thirty minutes.