How-To Video: Geometric Undercut

(Photo courtesy of Andis)

Around this time last year, Zoë Kravitz took to Instagram to debut a blonde buzz cut with a blue heart sculpted in. Though the starlet always seems to be a step ahead of trends, the punk-tastic undercut has seen quite the resurgence in the days since. Peek-a-book undercuts in particular have taken the hair world by storm with intricate detail and the ability to be disguised under a head of long hair. In today's how-to video, Jessica Zeinstra (@jessicazeinstra), Andis’ global education manager, walks us through a quick and easy geometric undercut. Here's how: 


  • Begin by sectioning the hair and then dampen. 
  • Tilt the head slightly away, using Andis ProAlloy with the blade closed and a number 3 attachment comb to remove the bulk. 
  • When approaching the occipital bone, scoop outwards using a c-stroke motion to leave a longer length at the parting line.
  • Once the bulk is removed, close the blade and use the clipper-over-comb technique to take the area below the occipital bone slightly shorter and create the perimeter. 
  • Tip the head forward and use the Andis Slim Line Pro LI to begin your design on the right side.
  • At the center of the part, create a straight line towards the left nape corner. 
  • Repeat this step on the opposite side to form an X. 
  • Starting just below the first line on the right side, create a secondary pattern that mirrors the outer design.
  • Repeat this step on the opposite side.
  • Then, repeat this step at the center top. 
  • Define the outer perimeter first, and then go back and clarify the design. 
  • For an ultra smooth finish, use the Andis Profoil Shaver and clean up the nape. 


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