How-To: Long Layers For Fine Hair

Contrary to popular belief, layers are not a no-no when it comes to cutting fine hair. You want to shy away from putting them throughout the hair, but placing them exclusively in the crown is the perfect way to add volume while keeping weight. Matt Beck (@freesaloneducation), founder of Gratitude Salon Education, shares his technique that creates movement and fullness for your fine-haired clients. To watch the tutorial below, skip to 4:24. 

Get The Look: 

  1. Section damp hair into three curved sections that follow the head shape. Clip one section on each side, the other at the crown. Leave the back out. 
  2. Begin cutting the back to one length, creating a thick, blunt edge. Do the same with the side sections.
  3. Dry the back and sides with a paddle brush, using a flat-wrapping technique to tame cowlicks and bring flexibility into the base. Working diagonal back sections towards the face, straighten the hair from mid-lengths to ends with a flat iron.
  4. To create your layers in the top, divide your crown section into three. Starting on the back, cut in vertical sections across. Pull the hair straight from the head at 90 degrees and cut using a point cutting technique. Use the low crown high occipital area as your guide. 
  5. To cut the last two sections, over direct the hair over the top of the center of the forehead to add light layers to the front, while keeping weight at the base.
  6. Finish by drying the rest of the hair with a paddle brush, and style with a flat iron to polish. 

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