How To Make Clean Hair Last Longer

(How to Make Clean Hair Last Longer)

We are all in the same boat when it comes to washing our hair.  Let's face it: It’s an event. And don’t even get me started on washing extensions! 

Well, rest easy, I have five easy tips  for how to make clean hair last longer:



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Use a Wet Brush for all your detangling before and after showering. Here’s the secret: Don’t use the same brush before and after you wash your hair. You’re using the same brush to detangle your  dirty  locks before the shower, and then using that same oil-filled brush to detangle your amazingly fresh, perfect, clean hair! This will instantly make your clean hair dirty and you will have to wash again sooner. 

Use two Wet Brushes (two different colors or you can label one CLEAN and one DIRTY). Use one before and one after. This will change your life!


When it comes to shampooing, I use my 1 for 2 rule.  Shampoo one time for every two days since your last shampoo. Shampoo, rinse, repeat. This ensures that all of your “seasoned hair” has been cleaned thoroughly. If you do this correctly you should be replacing your shampoo twice as much as your conditioner.  


It may seem counterintuitive, but apply your dry shampoo when your hair is clean and dry. A light dusting will help to repel the oils rather than absorb them. It  also  gives the hair body and will help your style last longer. Apply and blow-dry to smooth the product in.   

I love  R&Co  Death Valley Dry Shampoo. With  a price point of around $30 and a bottle size over 6oz, it will last a good, long time. Plus, the nozzle doesn’t blast out like a rocket like other dry shampoos, so it really lasts.


When applying conditioner, avoid your roots. I tell my clients to apply conditioner from the ears down (because our roots naturally hydrate on their own, hence our “dirty issues”).


Utilize oil blotting sheets. The sheets are meant for the face but work beautifully on hair too. Take a sheet and rub it at the roots and on the hairline. This is a quick fix that can be done on the go.

BONUS** Take that dirty Wet Brush in the shower with you every few weeks. Use your favorite shampoo and give it a quick wash. Good as new!