How-To: Modern Pompadour and an Avant-Garde Style

Photo courtesy of @nicstravels

Exploring avant-garde looks is a great way to enhance your portfolio and show off your styling expertise to clients. Today, Nicole Gary (@nicstravels), Director of Shows and Education for BaBylissPRO, explains how to take two different approaches to the art, with tips for creating editorial styles and a salon-friendly pompadour demonstration.




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Get the Look: 

Editorial Style: 

  • Think of hair as a medium. For example, Gary glued hair to a plastic sub-straight and then had the plastic laser cut with intricate details to create her hair pieces.
  • To starch hair, which is perfect for hair pieces, take a weft of human hair and spritz with Aquage Working Spray. Follow with an iron to activate the polymers, which will crisp the hair creating a board-like feel.
  • When securing a ponytail, use two bobby pins attached to an elastic to help anchor and tie it without disrupting any prior smoothing at the base.
  • To hide elastics without using bobby pins, coat a strand with a strong-hold thermal protecting product like Aquage Working Spray, and wrap around the band. Use heat from a flat iron to seal and set the product.
  • When it comes to aerosol sprays, you only want the resin from the product which disperses at the end of a mist stream.
  • Crochet needles from the craft store are great for securing hair pieces. Spray paint them to match your model’s hair and weave through the styles base (buns work best).

Salon-Friendly Style: 

  1. Section hair at the fringe, crown and nape.
  2. Create a classic French twist from the nape. For seamless hold, open and lace bobby pins in an X-shape to secure the base before smoothing the first side over. When securing the other side, hook bobby pins into the original pins laced underneath.
  3. Style the pieces at the crown and fringe by rounding them back in horizontal sections using Aquage Working Spray and BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Prima3000 iron.
  4. To style the fringe and crown, keep hair rolled back and secure using bobby pins with the weight pushing forward. Finish with Aquage Beyond Shine spray.