How to Recreate Sarah Hyland's Sleek Pony

(Sarah Hyland)

Modern Family's Sarah Hyland called on one of Hollywood's most in-demand stylists, Riawna Capri, for her SAG Awards hairstyle. "The dress was all the show, so we wanted a hairstyle that didn’t overpower yet had its own polished style," Capri said. The result was a glossy pony with a deep side part that matched the sexiness of her dress. Here, Capri shares how she achieved the look:

1. First prep the hair with In Common’s Magic Myst.

2. Start with a clean part and blow-dry around the face. Slick down the front and set with creaseless clips to get it flat and tight.


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3. Next, blow-dry the hair with a sleek yet bouncy bend on the end. Use a ceramic brush to heat the hair to shape it in place from the get go.

4. Using wax, hairspray and a boar bristle comb, slick back into a ponytail. Make sure it’s locked in and the placement of the ponytail is flattering.

5. Use a 1 ¼ inch curling iron to define the 'S' shape in the ponytail.

6. Spray and seal to perfection!