How-To Video: Bi-Level Disconnection

At Matrix Destination a few weeks back, Matrix educator Tara Koenig (@tarakoenig_hair) gave an entirely new meaning to business in the front, party in the back. Demonstrating a disconnected bi-level haircut, Koenig showcases a fun style for men that involves a ton of texture and movement. 

Get the Look: 

  • Section hair. Be sure to stay at the parietal ridge for the top section, create a section at the crown to be your guide and then a narrow section down the back.
  • When using a scissor-over-comb technique, having control of the hair is crucial. Because you're going short on the sides, you can eliminate a large amount of bulk right off the bat to maintain control.
  • Start longer than your end goal. This is a good way to get rid of bulk and add disconnection while maintaining control.
  • When working on the top of the head, position your client lower in their chair to avoid over-directing forwards or backwards. 
  • Starting with the crown section, point cut to your desired length. Direct straight back to create bulk at the crown.
  • Create a perimeter length, but ensure that it has texture and movement. 
  • After length is cut, go through and determine where bulk and texture need to be taken off. 
  • To remove weight without removing length, pull hair straight up, place scissors in and work bulk out moving in an upwards motion. 
  • Style as desired.