How-To Video: Candy Corn Color Melt

photo courtesy of @jaymz.marsters

Few things go better together than Halloween and candy corn. To satisfy your sweet tooth, stylist Jaymz Marsters (@jaymz.marsters) created a vivid yellow and orange melt that’s incredibly reminiscent of the multicolored candy. Here, he walks us through the steps to achieve the look using Manic Panic Professional Gel Hair Color.


  • Model was a natural base 6. Lift hair to a level 10 and lighten ends if necessary. 
  • Base Color: ½ tube of Solar Yellow Professional Gel Hair Color
  • End Color: ½ tube of Solar Yellow Professional Gel Hair Color + drop of Pussycat Pink Gel Hair Color
  • On damp hair, apply the SY formula throughout the root area.
  • For a seamless melt, comb the root color through to the ends. 
  • Apply the SY + PP formula on the ends and blend upward. 
  • With a clean comb, comb from the root section downward to diffuse any harsh lines.
  • Process at room temperature for 20-30 minutes. Rinse with cold water. 

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