How-To: The Classic Bob

Hairbrained Master Educator Julian Perlingiero (@julianperl) demonstrates his best bob-cutting tips to improve efficiency and fullness. He also shares his tips for curly haired bobs and cutting tricks to help hide ears which may poke out. Your clients will love this chic cut as it's easy to maintain and even easier to style. 

Get The Look: 

  1. Begin by sectioning damp hair. Create a natural part going back to the natural ‘swirl’. Section the hair from the swirl into two, and leave a triangle shaped section in the middle at the back to create a third section. Split the third section down the middle and clip back one side. 
  2. On the other side, take a section at the nape and cut your guideline. When cutting, Perlingiero suggests keeping the section parallel to the cutting line.
  3. Continue working in sections, dropping each layer down and cutting to match your guide as you go. 
  4. When you get to the front, switch to a wider toothed comb to decrease the tension on the hair. When cutting, push the hair slightly back out of the face to match the way your client will wear it. This helps keep lines straight and avoid a layered look. 
  5. Once you have finished one side, continue with the other, matching your sections to the first. To help you see the original guideline at the nape on the other side, section the hair out of the way with a comb to expose it. 
  6. To style, ‘leaf’ the hair when drying by brushing diagonal sections with the brush facing upwards, towards the dryer. As you do this, roll the brush out curving towards the face with the blow dryer following. To enhance your clients salon experience, Perlingiero recommends drying the front first so your client can see the style coming together.

About: Founded by two like-minded hairdressers: Photographer and hairdresser, Randy Taylor, plus world-renowned educator and platform artist, Gerard Scarpaci. Both share a deep love for the industries professionals and the craft alike. @hairbrained_official


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