How-To Video: Electro Cut

We’re sharing HVA4’s Instagram Video of the Year winner: The ElectroKraftCut, by Aaron Johnson (@theaaronjohnson) for the ElectroKraft Collection. The look is every club kid’s dream with a bowl-cut bob, fringe with a V-shaped peak and a silky Orange Creamsicle color. The result is angular, erratic, unexpected and modern. Worn smoothed and soft, it easily transitions into a look that borders on sweet and demure. 

What was Johnson’s inspiration behind the look? “#ElectroKraft is a celebration of the physical craft in the digital world. We believe the skill in our craft will outlast the trends of the moment,” says Johnson. “We are thankful for the opportunity to share what we love with a greater audience, but refuse to sacrifice quality for quantity.” Keep watching to see how you can recreate this edgy-yet-sweet style: 



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Get The Look: 

  • Comb through damp hair to smooth. Starting from the back working towards the front, begin cutting off extra length to create your short straight bob. Keep the hair flat against the head and cut horizontally. The bob’s length at the back should measure to edge of the napes hairline. 
  • Trim hair around the parietal ridge by holding out and directing down. The longest layer around this area will measure to the top of the ear. 
  • Create short layers at the top and crown of the head by directing hair straight up.
  • Trim the fringe, working from the sides towards the center. Cut in a rounded shape to start, and leave a small longer section of hair in the middle (as this will become your V-shaped peak). Also note that the fringe starts quite far back at the crown, so the top layers will be brushed forwards into the fringe.
  • Dry hair and cross check, making sure all lines are perfect and straight. Finish by cutting the little section in the middle of your fringe into a V shape. 
  • To style, pull small pieces out from the sides and hairspray to create erratic texture and skirt the cuts shape outwards. 

About: Founded by two like-minded hairdressers: Photographer and hairdresser, Randy Taylor, plus world-renowned educator and platform artist, Gerard Scarpaci. Both share a deep love for the industries professionals and the craft alike. @hairbrained_official