How-To Video: Fearless Pixie

Today, we’re sharing a little inspiration with the HVA4 Stories Video of the Year Winner: Pixie Transformation!!!, from Fōrma + Collective Salon’s Identity series. “We created the Identity series because as stylists behind the chair we get to see the most inner workings of what our society has told us is beautiful,” Says Chelsea James (@chelseavonnejames) owner of Fōrma + Collective Salon and L’Oréal Professionnel National Artist/Educator. “We are lucky enough to know individuals willing to be transparent about some of these thoughts, and the results were something worth sharing.” 

Keep watching to see how you can recreate this youthful, fearless and edgy pixie cut with a long-layered bang, and dramatically shaved sides for your boldest client. 

Get The Look: 

  • To start forming the undercut shape, cut the length off the sides. This will form the top edge. Don’t over direct the hair. Keeping it flat against the scalp, cut straight across from the temple to the edge of the crown. 
  • Shave all the hair underneath your edge. Then create a straight line going down the back from the end of your edge to the nape. By this point, you should have a corner shape created on the side of the scalp. 
  • Layer the hair on the sides and graduate to create your undercut. The undercut will go from the edge of where you initially cut it, up to the top of the parietal ridge. Above this, will be your longer layered pieces. 
  • Continue by cutting length off the back. Your undercut will run from the nape up to the corner of your scalp shape. All the hair above this is kept longer, but trim it to just above the ear. 
  • Finish by layering your longer top layers, and style by blow drying, directing upwards. 

About: Founded by two like-minded hairdressers: Photographer and hairdresser, Randy Taylor, plus world-renowned educator and platform artist, Gerard Scarpaci. Both share a deep love for the industries professionals and the craft alike. @hairbrained_official


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