How-To Video: Romantic Red Carpet Updo

Hair extensions are a quick and easy way to add length, body, and color to a client’s look. In this how-to, Christine "Pinky" Dillon (@hellopinkyhair), international hair artist and celebrity stylist, shows us how to use DreamCatchers Hair Extensions for a romantic and voluminous red carpet updo. Plus, Dillon explains how a simple updo is the perfect way to introduce a client to extension services. “Think outside the box,” says Dillon. “Just because someone is coming in for an updo or a basic style doesn't mean you can't easily turn them into a client that’s going to start coming to you every four to six weeks.”

Get The Look

  1. For added volume and length, start with a single row of I-Tip DreamCatchers Extensions in a “V” shape behind the crown.
  2. Curl the crown (above the extensions) in three horizontal sections. Finish prep by curling the face-framing hair at each side and pin curl to set. 
  3. Secure a loose, low ponytail from the extensions to the nape and topsy tail (pull the ponytail up through itself). Blouse the sides of the ponytail for added volume and hairspray with Mitch Stone Set In Stone Hairspray.
  4. Working from the crown upwards, take the first pin curl and backcomb. Follow by pushing it through the middle of the ponytail. 
  5. Backcomb the next section and hairspray. Smooth it over to the left and use a hairpin to secure, leaving the ends out. Repeat with next section, pinning it to the right. 
  6. Taking a piece of hair from the left side and twist it back. Cross it over the section secured on the same side and secure with a hairpin at the back, leaving the ends out. Repeat on the other side. 
  7. Leave out the fringe, but tuck back any other leftover face-framing pieces into the style. 
  8. Twist and secure the ends of the previously secure pieces into the center of the style.
  9. Taking the ponytail, begin tying the length into loose knots and secure with a hairpin. Fold it up to the nape, securing it inside the style. 
  10. Finish by blousing newly secured sections and locking the entire style with bobby pins. Hairspray to set and tame flyaways. 


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