How-To: Winter Wonderland Glamour

Glitter hair is everywhere this season. Whether you’ve seen it as a spray, powder or even a gel, the trend is perfect for adding holiday sparkle to clients’ hair. Demonstrating one of the ways you can bring the trend into the salon is international hair artist and celebrity stylist Christine “Pinky” Dillon (@hellopinkyhair), who adds a touch of silver glitter over old Hollywood-inspired waves using DreamCatchers Hair Extensions

Get the Look:

  1. Add fullness and length with DreamCatchers Hair Extensions. Model was prepped with four bundles of DC2 and DC1. 
  2. Prep by creating soft curls with a 25mm curling wand. Working from the back up to the top, take small wide sections, and pinch at the base to create a twist in the hair while wrapping. After released, “pop” the curl by gently bouncing the curl up and then pulling it down to help soften the curl. Use the same technique for the sides, but switch to diagonal sections.
  3. Place flat clips into each side at the front to hold the wave, and brush through the hair starting at the ends with a wet brush sprayed with hairspray. 
  4. To add volume, start with a thin wide section at the nape. Tease from the roots to mid lengths and set with hairspray. Continue working upwards leaving out the sides and the last section at the top. While working smooth and spread each layer out before moving on and if needed, re-curl any sections after teasing. 
  5. For the sides, tease with half the number of strokes but take it through to the ends. Finish with the section left at the back, by re-curling the section and laying it over the back, without backcombing. 
  6. Set with hairspray and apply silver hair glitter with fingers from the roots, pulling it down to add a trickling effect. 


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