Inside the New York City Salon That Doubles as an Art Gallery

(Salon Ruggeri)

When hairstylist Gregorio Ruggeri and interior designer Craig Longhurst opened their salon in New York City three years ago, they knew it had to be anything but ordinary to thrive in the bustling city. Combining their passion for aesthetics, the duo opened a hair oasis in the city’s Flat Iron district that offers more than just foils and blowouts.

Built inside a restored townhouse, Salon Ruggeri still closely resembles a lavish apartment, complete with arm chairs, end tables and plush couches. What's more, the trés chic salon also doubles as an art-lover's haven, with walls lined with expensive artwork that clients are able to purchase. "I like to switch up the interior every so often," Longhurst says. "Even if it's just a new piece of art or a sculpture, the clients enjoy the change and sometimes buy the new pieces." 

The constant rotation of wall decor isn't the only aspect of the salon where attention-to-detail is at an all-time high. "From the moment the client steps out from the elevator, one of us [the stylist, the receptionist or myself] is there to greet them," Longhurst says. "They are escorted to their chair or lounge area, offered a range of teas, coffees and waters from our menu, and have the latest fashion and interior design magazines from around the world to enjoy." Ruggeri and Longhurst pride themselves on making their clients' experience exceptional. "I basically assume the role of majordomo when I'm in the salon," Longhurst says. "I am constantly making sure everything is perfect, from the tea presentation to adding fresh flowers to our vases every week."


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And when Ruggeri and Longhurst aren't physically catering to their guests, the salon's atmosphere more than makes up for it. From the fragrant Fornasetti candles burning in every nook to the fresh roses on the Saarinen marble reception table and light jazz on repeat, Salon Ruggeri welcomes guests with open arms, and makes them wonder why more hairstylists haven't teamed up with interior designers.