HAIRDOTCOM Taps Into Global Influences for Debut Collection

Photography: Barry Jeffery

Take elements from Italian elegance, mix them with a bit of British rawness, and now you’ve got the inspiration behind HAIRDOTCOM’s debut collection. “We wanted to explore multitextures—from root-shadowed blondes and disheveled waves to deep bangs and catwalk ponies—all on a neutral color palette to showcase commercial fashion elements as well as create a consumer identity,” say Craig Chapman and Ashleigh Hodges, directors and owners of HAIRDOTCOM, an organization that aims to change the face of the hairdressing industry with an art team comprised of talented hairdressers from around the world working in session TV and fashion segments. “HAIRDOTCOM is all about education. We wanted a transferable collection that sits well not only in the hair industry but also on the high street.”

To create this short pixie shape, the team colored the hair, leaving it darker in the crown area for depth, before using a point-cutting technique to create heavy, textured fringe.

After enhancing the hair with multiple hues, the art team used the GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand to create this textured, sexy shape, breaking down the undulating waves with their hands for added softness.

This textured bowl cut with a deep, heavy fringe was shattered with a razor to produce a super-soft finish before the art team stenciled over the crown and fringe areas to create a unique root shadow.

“Polished low ponies are beautiful, but banding the length with wrapped elastic is even more modern,” says Chapman. For this look, the art team loosened the hair between the elastic and left a soft, airy front hairline to create the ultimate finish.

To make this long black hair look even stronger, the art team clipper-cut a short, deep bang before using a channel-cutting technique on the midlengths and ends for soft texture. For the finishing touch, they crimped a deep V into the hair at cheek level to amplify movement.

Photography: Barry Jeffery

Makeup: Elizabeth Rita

Fashion Styling: Magdalena Jacob