Jordan Hone Collection: Imagine

In 1972, John Lennon asked us to imagine a world at peace, one in which no religion was better than another, a world in which there were no countries and consequently “nothing to kill or die for.” Ironically perhaps, Lennon was murdered 35 years ago this month, and since that time the world seems to have become more polarized than ever. In the wake of the Charlie Hedbo shootings in Paris last January, Jordan Hone was inspired to create a collection that would have us examine cultural norms and question the concept of equality. The icy, platinum blonde color work is meant to suggest an almost Aryan selection, a carefully curated version of equality. “You may say that I’m a dreamer,” Lennon wrote nearly 45 years ago, yet he was hopeful enough to imagine that he wasn’t the only one. Let’s hope he was right.

Photography: David Mannah; Makeup: Cat Smith


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