Karlie Kloss' New "Girl Boss Brunette" Hair Color

Karlie Kloss recently unveiled a chic hair color transformation, opting for a lustrous dark "girl boss brunette," thanks to celebrity colorist Jenna Perry and R+Co’s new professional salon color line, R+ COLOR.

Jenna formulated the rich brunette shade to perfectly enhance Karlie's green eye color and complement her skin tone.

"R+COLOR has brought Karlie’s hair health back up to par since being blonde," Jenna said. “Her hair is now so shiny and it really shows in pictures!”


How to achieve Karlie’s dark chocolate tone with R+COLOR

Formula 1: OMNIPRESENT Liqui-Crème Permanent 4NG/4.03 (Mojave) with 10-volume MOMENTUM developer.
Formula 2: STELLAR Demi-Permanent 5G/5.3 (Autumn) with 5-volume MOMENTUM developer

  • Step 1: Apply OMNIPRESENT Formula 1 on dry hair at the root for a deeper deposit. Process for 30 minutes.
  • Step 2: Apply gloss at the shampoo bowl, using STELLAR Formula 2, a shade lighter than the base, through the ends for shine. Process for 5 minutes.

The integrated BondTech in R+COLOR safeguards the structural integrity of the hair, ensuring its protection.

Infused with the potent antioxidant-rich Hyperdrive Complex and micro-pigments, the formula effectively reaches the hair cortex, contributing to long-lasting color vibrancy.

During the service, Hair Therapy Complex works to shield and nourish the hair, leaving it conditioned and shiny, while Scalp Therapy Complex provides a protective barrier for even the most sensitive scalps, guarding against irritation.