Lina Arrojo's New Collection: Sugar Candy

Influenced by psychedelia and American artist Keith Haring, who was known for his graffiti-inspired drawings, Lina Arrojo uses gumdrop-bright shades to create Sugar Candy, an eclectic, edgy and energized new collection. After the images were chosen, illustrator Mallory Heyer added the colorful, doodle-inspired artwork to enhance visual interest while keeping close to the psychedelic inspiration of the collection.

Lina Arrojo and Paul Merritt created haircuts in classic shapes—bobs and crops and pixies—while Goldwell artists Zoe Rose, Ashley Kowalsky, Ali Eskridge and Zach Norman used the pioneering art of air-brushed color (compressed air is used to apply tones in tailored gradients) to create intense and illuminated hair colors as vivid as they are picturesque. 


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