Tips and Tricks for Pulling off Vibrant Color Service

Great Lengths Custom Color Ombré

Q What advice do you have for pulling off a vibrant color service?
Vibrant color work needs to come with a level of refinement.  I’m a firm believer in creating a base shade and allowing the color at the base be two or more levels darker than what lives on the mid-lengths and ends. Not only does it anchor the color allowing the color to dance, it also prevents harsh lines.
—Danielle Keasling, Matrix Artistic Director

Q Any tips for colorists to keep in mind?
The brighter the canvas, the brighter the end result. When prepping your canvas, utilize the warmth in the hair to enhance your color instead of toning it out first. Also, consider the underlying pigment. If you’re shooting for red or orange, don’t lift passed a level 8 because the warmth will contribute to your color and will be more true to tone.
— Shurie Saxelby, Pulp Riot Educator

Color by TIGI’s Renee Valerie


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Q How do you make the trend work for all clients?
For clients that may not be able to wear a full head of vibrant colors because of work, secret color blocking is the way to go. Determine your placement of colors based on the way your client wears their hair for work, making sure the colors won’t be visible unless your client wants them to be—like when they change their part or pull some of their hair up.
— Robertina Martinez, Aloxxi National Team Member

Q What will be trending in vibrant colors this fall?
Shades of neon orange, hyper green and volt yellow will definitely be prominent in the coming months. I’m also seeing a juxtaposition of neutrals and vibrant shades influencing hair color, like grey and yellow or beige and orange.
—Renee Valerie, TIGI Academy Technical Education Director

Head-turning color by Matrix

Vibrant color by Matrix

Q What products do you use for a vibrant color service?
When going for pink shades, the lighter the color the more vibrant the color. When achieving blue shades, yellow and blue make green so using a complimentary color to create a neutral shade needs to be altered. Make sure the hair is pale yellow and pre-toned with yellow and a violet based toner before applying the blue hue. I’ve been using Wella Koleston Perfect Pure Mix Tones and a level 10 with pastel developer and Clairol Professional Flare Me, both of these are vibrant color options using ammonia so they can help if extra lift is needed while you tone.
—James Corbett, Clairol Color Director and Owner/Colorist at James Corbett Studio

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