Get the Lewks: Angie K & Whitney Rose's RHOSLC Reunion Hair

With stakes high for Part 1 of the "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" reunion that dropped this week, celebrity stylist Julius Michael reveals the intention and how-tos behind two of the cast members' hair looks for the hotly anticipated episode.

Michael, part of Bravo's glam squad, dives deep into Whitney Rose's high pony and Angie K.'s beach waves. He dipped into his eponymous Julius Michael VOLOOM Favorites Kit for the tools and products used, including the VOLOOM 2.0 Hair Volumizing Iron in one of 3 sizes: Classic (1.5"), Petite (1"), and Rootie (3/4").

Michael had his work cut out for him—these looks were going to be SEEN. The drama-filled Season 4 finale of RHOSLC drew more than 2 million viewers in 3 days.

Whitney Rose – The Julius Michael PowerPony

Whitney Rose before RHOSLC reunion part 1

VOLOOM Volumizing Iron Size  = Rootie

“With the reunion theme being Bermuda and beachy, I wanted Whitney to feel sexy and empowered and show off the detail on her dress. So, my signature PowerPony was a must,” Julius says.

“Given the season finale was such a mind blower, I knew this would be one of the longest reunion tapings I've ever been part of. I was confident knowing the volume would not fall after 16 hours of taping. I only had two hair touch-ups for the entire day!

“My biggest piece of advice is, never tease your hair. Used in the under-layers of your favorite hairstyle, VOLOOM’s special, patented plates create hidden “volume pockets” that lift the top layers up and away from the scalp. But when you use it in the underlayers of your ponytail, this will help to lift and bulk it up. And this plump pony lasts until your next shampoo.”

Angie K. – The Salt Wave City Beach Wave

Angie K before the RHOSLC reunion part 1 episode

VOLOOM Volumizing Iron Size  = Classic

“I went with the theme for the reunion of Bermuda, and what's better than beach waves at the beach?” Julius says. “Angie didn't want flat hair, so I was able to give her volume throughout the hairstyle while keeping it modern and sexy. It just adds that extra glam factor since the silhouette of your waves does not fall flat against your scalp.

“I always make sure to VOLOOM the interior of the hairstyle, especially when it's on a look for a reunion or cast photo shoot that can go for hours. You do not have to damage your hair by teasing it, and your volume lasts and lasts despite the hot lights and long taping times.”