METAMORFOSIS Collection by Rafael Bueno

METAMORFOSIS is the canvas of Rafael Bueno's professional career, in which he has reflected his period of transformation, evolution and improvement.

The different shapes, textures and colors in the hair show the great versatility and techniques used by Rafael for each of the looks. Each hairstyle, a testimony of his evolution, capturing shapes, textures and colors that reflect the versatility and skill of Rafael Bueno in his art. Like a chrysalis turning into a butterfly, his work has metamorphosed over time.

From bold cuts to intricate braids, each look represents a stage in his journey. With each brush stroke of dye and each carefully placed strand, Rafael Bueno celebrates the power of hair to express identity and beauty.

METAMORFOSIS, a reflection of Rafael Bueno's soul in an instant of style.


Hair: Rafael Bueno (@rafaelbuenopeluqueros)

MUA: Lulú Pérez (@_luluperez_)

Photography: Alexis Ramzar (@alexisramzarfoto)

Retouche: Jesús Vilca (@jesusvilcaretouch)

Styling: Álvaro Calafat (@alvarocalafat)